Record player and love

Hello again!

After my last entry I won something better than a lottery – a bet against my friends. They betted that I could not get my crush’s number, but I did!

I’m a little bit shy and I never did the first move to establish a relationship, until now. I got to him (he is my colleague btw) and after a short chit-chat, I asked him if he would like to drink a coffee after work, and he not just said „yes”, he gave me his number as well. Nobody can stop me!!! I should take a picture of the faces my friends made, after my action – it was hilarious.

Maybe one day I’ll tell the details about our first date, but now I just want to say, that it was awesome and we are going to have an other one tomorrow.


But now, back to the bet I mentioned. They were sure that I won’t do it, and now all 4 of them had to pay me $100, so, that is $400. I already decided what I’m going to buy: a record player.

I once had one, but at a party someoen broke it and since I didn’t had money to buy a new – until this day. I didn’t used my vinyl discs in the past 2 years, and I want to hear those songs again. I’m not an expert in this field, so, I looked for the best turntable under 500 online. I found a pretty cool and stylish turntable which is little bit cheaper than how much money I got for it. To spend all the money I won, I bought some disc as well.norwich-dark-oak-md

If the delivery is punctual, the package is going to arrive tomorrow morning. It’ll give me enough time to set it up and to dance for some old songs, until my date arrives.

I’m sure that he’ll likes that record player as well and that is going to provide a romantic atmosphere!