Love and tankless water heater

The night I mentioned in my previous entry went much better than I could even imagine. Now John (the guy I stated as my “crush”) and I are together and we love each other 🙂

My girlfriends are very envy because they just can’t believe how lucky am I. On the other hand, I’m thankful to them, because without their bet maybe I could never have had enough courage to speak with John.

Now I’m helping him to renovate some part of his house. Of course, we don’t want to move in together (yet), I just help him, because he must do it and I want to be with him as much as possible.

We divided the work into three part:

a.)    Heavy work – John

b.)    Work without carrying heavy things – me

c.)    Work that requires thinking – me and John

I did renovation several times, but never had so much fun before. John can make me laugh every time. I can’t be sad next to him 🙂 Even the work is faster in this atmosphere.

I did all of the b.) type work, so now we try to figure out things that need a little bit of creativity or thinking.

We already chose the wallpaper to the kitchen and now we have to find out how to choose a tankless water heater. We did some research on the internet and found a site that provides descriptions about the best tankless water heater. It looks promising, the feedbacks state that it is reliable and has a really high quality. Because we are not experts in this topic we have to rely on others. I did in the past and it always had good results, so why not doing it with a tankless water heater as well.


I still don’t know how but doing that research together was much better than having a wellness weekend with anyone else in the whole world.

I think I’m really in love.