Air mattress and storm

Hello Dear!

You know how much I prefer quality of everything. Partly this is why I’m currently working as a dental assistant in a noted dental clinic. Sometimes it cause problems, but sometimes it lures some luck as well.

Last time, it ended up well. 🙂

With my friends (4 awesome girl), we went of our quarterly camping tour. We always visit new parts of the nearby countries. This is a one of our habits, that we kept since we finished the university together. It’s always funny and this way we already met hundreds of interesting and kind people, furthermore we experienced some adrenaline-rich exciting situations as well.


We usually travel with train to a certain location and after that with backpacks we start our journey. This time they all laughed at me, because my bag was way more heavier than their. That happened because I carried an air mattress alongside with other important things. We never used mattresses before during our trips, but now as a stroke of genius I bought one – with an outstanding quality and built in pump. I found it on a site where you can find the best air mattress among the others. Somehow it felt a good idea to buy it. And I did.

We thought that it’s going to be around 86 degree, and it was…during daytime. But in the night a storm appeared, cooled down the weather to 53 degree. Furthermore it brought 1,5 inch of rain too. So all of my dear friends had cold in the morning because they slept only on a single peace of polifoam. And me? I slept on a 10 inch high super comfortable air mattress.

The next day only I was able to keep up to our plan without any problem. The others were just like mere dead bodies.

Now, our group browse the linked air mattress site together.

Better late than never. Maybe they will listen to me in time in the future.