Love and tankless water heater

The night I mentioned in my previous entry went much better than I could even imagine. Now John (the guy I stated as my “crush”) and I are together and we love each other 🙂

My girlfriends are very envy because they just can’t believe how lucky am I. On the other hand, I’m thankful to them, because without their bet maybe I could never have had enough courage to speak with John.

Now I’m helping him to renovate some part of his house. Of course, we don’t want to move in together (yet), I just help him, because he must do it and I want to be with him as much as possible.

We divided the work into three part:

a.)    Heavy work – John

b.)    Work without carrying heavy things – me

c.)    Work that requires thinking – me and John

I did renovation several times, but never had so much fun before. John can make me laugh every time. I can’t be sad next to him 🙂 Even the work is faster in this atmosphere.

I did all of the b.) type work, so now we try to figure out things that need a little bit of creativity or thinking.

We already chose the wallpaper to the kitchen and now we have to find out how to choose a tankless water heater. We did some research on the internet and found a site that provides descriptions about the best tankless water heater. It looks promising, the feedbacks state that it is reliable and has a really high quality. Because we are not experts in this topic we have to rely on others. I did in the past and it always had good results, so why not doing it with a tankless water heater as well.


I still don’t know how but doing that research together was much better than having a wellness weekend with anyone else in the whole world.

I think I’m really in love.

Record player and love

Hello again!

After my last entry I won something better than a lottery – a bet against my friends. They betted that I could not get my crush’s number, but I did!

I’m a little bit shy and I never did the first move to establish a relationship, until now. I got to him (he is my colleague btw) and after a short chit-chat, I asked him if he would like to drink a coffee after work, and he not just said „yes”, he gave me his number as well. Nobody can stop me!!! I should take a picture of the faces my friends made, after my action – it was hilarious.

Maybe one day I’ll tell the details about our first date, but now I just want to say, that it was awesome and we are going to have an other one tomorrow.


But now, back to the bet I mentioned. They were sure that I won’t do it, and now all 4 of them had to pay me $100, so, that is $400. I already decided what I’m going to buy: a record player.

I once had one, but at a party someoen broke it and since I didn’t had money to buy a new – until this day. I didn’t used my vinyl discs in the past 2 years, and I want to hear those songs again. I’m not an expert in this field, so, I looked for the best turntable under 500 online. I found a pretty cool and stylish turntable which is little bit cheaper than how much money I got for it. To spend all the money I won, I bought some disc as well.norwich-dark-oak-md

If the delivery is punctual, the package is going to arrive tomorrow morning. It’ll give me enough time to set it up and to dance for some old songs, until my date arrives.

I’m sure that he’ll likes that record player as well and that is going to provide a romantic atmosphere!

Air mattress and storm

Hello Dear!

You know how much I prefer quality of everything. Partly this is why I’m currently working as a dental assistant in a noted dental clinic. Sometimes it cause problems, but sometimes it lures some luck as well.

Last time, it ended up well. 🙂

With my friends (4 awesome girl), we went of our quarterly camping tour. We always visit new parts of the nearby countries. This is a one of our habits, that we kept since we finished the university together. It’s always funny and this way we already met hundreds of interesting and kind people, furthermore we experienced some adrenaline-rich exciting situations as well.


We usually travel with train to a certain location and after that with backpacks we start our journey. This time they all laughed at me, because my bag was way more heavier than their. That happened because I carried an air mattress alongside with other important things. We never used mattresses before during our trips, but now as a stroke of genius I bought one – with an outstanding quality and built in pump. I found it on a site where you can find the best air mattress among the others. Somehow it felt a good idea to buy it. And I did.

We thought that it’s going to be around 86 degree, and it was…during daytime. But in the night a storm appeared, cooled down the weather to 53 degree. Furthermore it brought 1,5 inch of rain too. So all of my dear friends had cold in the morning because they slept only on a single peace of polifoam. And me? I slept on a 10 inch high super comfortable air mattress.

The next day only I was able to keep up to our plan without any problem. The others were just like mere dead bodies.

Now, our group browse the linked air mattress site together.

Better late than never. Maybe they will listen to me in time in the future.